Gas Composition

If the planning has been positive to this point and all objectives have been realized, at least within reason, the rest is almost all down hill, at least until the next stumbling block—gas composition. It would be a real shame to get a good meter run with a first-class primary element and get nothing but a puzzled look when asking about gas composition measurement. This is not to indict plant operating people and accuse them of not knowing their business. Over a 24-hour period, they can probably tell you to a gram just how much of what went through the compressor. No one ever asks for this information every 15 minutes. This problem will have to be handled somewhere, perhaps by drawing samples every time a test point is reached and taking them to the analytical laboratory for analysis. If the samples are carefully marked, and do not react with the sample bottle, or decompose with time, the problem may be solved. With a little luck, an online analyzer may be available as part of the plant monitoring system.

If this appears to be somewhat difficult, then communication is taking place. These statements are not to discourage, but rather to make the test engineer aware of things to expect and to encourage a little research.

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