Frame Lubrication

Frame lubrication is integral on most reciprocating compressors. The small, horizontal, single-stage compressors, particularly 100 horsepower and smaller, use the splash lubrication system. This system distributes lubricating oil by the splashing of the crankthrow moving through the lubricant surface in the sump. Dippers may be attached to the crankshaft to increase this effect.

The pressurized lubrication system is a more elaborate lubrication method (see Figure 3-J 9). The system has a main oil pump, either crankshaft or separately driven, a pump suction strainer, a cooler when needed, a

Figure 3-19. Pressurized lubrication system for a multistage reciprocating compressor. (Courtesy of Dresser-Rand)

full-flow oil filter and safety instrumentation. Options that should be considered when purchasing a new compressor are an auxiliary oil pump, which can also be used for startup, and dual oil filters with a non-shutoff type of transfer valve. Safety instrumentation should include a low-oil-level switch, a low-oil-pressure switch, and a high-oil-temperaturc switch. The switches can be duplicated and set for different operating points to provide an alarm, or early warning signal, and a shutdown signal. In this system, as in the splash system, the crank case acts as the oil sump.

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