Flexible Element Couplings

Flexible element couplings transmit torque and accommodate misalignment by use of flexible diaphragms or discs. These elements are of metal construction and may be used singularly or in packs. Refer to Figure 8-22 for a multiple element coupling of the diaphragm type. A single element, diaphragm type is shown in Figures 8-23 and 8-24. A flexible disk is illustrated by Figure 8-25.

The flexible element coupling requires no lubrication, which is a distinct advantage. The need for lubrication is always a problem with gear couplings. This advantage is partially offset in the flexible element by the need for corrosion-resistant materials for the normal chemical plant atmosphere, Inconel 718 and 15-5 PH have been used and have been rea-

Figure 8-22. Cutaway ot a multiple diaphragm flexible element coupling. {Courtesy afZurn Industries, Inc., Mechanical Drives Division)

Figure 8-23. Cutaway of a single diaphragm flexible element coupling. (Courtesy of Lucas Aerospace Power Transmission
Figure 8-24. Section drawing with parts identification of a single diaphragm flexible element coupling. (Courtesy of Lucas Aerospace Power Transmission)
Figure 8-25. Multiple disk flexible element type coupling. (Courtesy ofKop-Flex Power Transmission Products}

sonably successful in chloride atmospheres, and 300 series stainless steel has been used successfully in hydrogen sulfide environments.

Another advantage of the flexible element coupling is the lower bending moment imposed on shaft ends. This can be a problem with the gear coupling, particularly if the loading is high or lubrication poor. The flexible element, because of the elastic member, has a predictable bending moment which is normally much lower than the comparable gear coupling [8J. Axial loads transmitted are much less than for a gear type coupling. This greatly reduces thrust bearing loads. Absence of radial clear ances through the major components makes it possible to obtain a precision repeatable balance. Flexible element couplings are available in both single and multiple element form,

Flexible element couplings tend to be somewhat heavier than the comparably rated gear coupling. On a retrofit, heed the earlier warning about lateral criticals. The coupling can handle axial misalignment but is more restrictive than the gear type.

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

Renewable Energy Eco Friendly

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