Engineering Reviews

After the coordination meeting, the user will begin receiving drawings, reports, and all the documents called for in the contract. These are reviewed and returned to the vendor as "reviewed without comment," or if a discrepancy is noted, this is marked and returned "with comment.'' Some of the larger users use an in-house design audit procedure, particu larly on the larger, critical equipment trains. In the design audit, as the name implies, the designs are reviewed rather extensively. The idea here is that any error caught early saves both user and vendor time and money. It probably has a further benefit that may be the more valuable: it gives the user a better understanding of the compressor he will be receiving, making subsequent questions or problems easier to answer or solve.

The additional meetings, if planned, take place during this period. Unanticipated problems of any nature that arise during this period should be given immediate attention. Allowing a problem area to go without an adequate solution will only appear again later when time is running short and more components have been manufactured, making rework more expensive.

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