Dry Gas Seal System Filters

Filters must be provided for all gas buffers in places where the gas will pass through the gas seal. The gas should be filtered to a nominal value of 2 microns. On most critical systems, dual filters will be required to permit servicing the filters without having to shut down the compressor This requires the use of a transfer valve that can be switched without causing a flow interruption. If liquids are anticipated, heat tracing or an alternate gas source should be the first consideration. Should this not prove to be practi-

cal, a liquid separation system must be included with the filters. On systems with heat tracing, liquid separation may be desirable as a backup.


Whenever there is an inherent speed mismatch between a compressor and driver, several solutions are available. For small sizes, V-belts offer advantages in flexibility. For compressors where the power levels approach 100 hp, a more positive drive should be considered. Depending on the application, this value may move up or down by 25 hp.

Most of the discussion has been about compressors over 75 hp and has leaned toward critical or semi-critical equipment. This type equipment requires a gear unit external to the compressor with the gears arranged for increasing or reducing speed as dictated by the application (see Figure 8-18). Alternately, the gear may be integral to the compressor as shown in Figures 8-19 and 8-20. API has two gear standards, API 613 [9| for special purpose gears and API 677 for gener al purpose gears.

Figure 8-18. Compressor driven by an electric motor through a speed increasing gear. The motor enclosure is a WP2. (Courtesy ofA-C Compressor Corporation)

Figure 8-20. Cutaway of a gear-mounted multistage centrifugal compressor. {Courtesy of Nuovo Pignone)

Figure 8-19. Section illustration of the gearing of an integral geared compressor.

(Courtesy of Elliott Company)

Figure 8-20. Cutaway of a gear-mounted multistage centrifugal compressor. {Courtesy of Nuovo Pignone)

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