Chapter 7 attempted to give sizing criteria for the various driver types as well as some descriptive detail. If the vendor is to furnish the driver, the type of driver should be specified in the compressor specification. Driver specifics should be placed in a separate specification, making sure that areas of similarity are described consistent with the compressor specification. Even if the vendor is capable of supplying the driver from within his own organization, the specifics should stand alone because a different group of people will be working with it. It is safe to assume that the two groups do not communicate any better than if they were two independent organizations. Should they by chance communicate, everyone would be ahead, but nothing is really lost in preparing two documents. API covers steam and gas turbine drivers quite well. Motor standards are available for both induction and synchronous motors.

Many large users have a tendency to not include the driver as a part of the compressor vendor's scope of supply. If this is the option selected, the compressor vendor should be so informed. Not only will the compressor vendor need to know the type of driver, but also information relative to the compressor vendor's responsibility regarding the driver must be established. There are numerous interfaces that must be delegated either to one or the other, the vendor or the user. Responsibility for drawings of the complete train, such as the arrangement drawing, lubrication interface, and other similar drawings must be stated. Also, system response analysis, such as torsionals, should be assigned. Details that are easy to forget are items at the interface, such as coupling, coupling guards, and items of this type. If the equipment is to arrive at the site ready-to-assemble and on-time, someone must be assigned each item of responsibility. Sometimes the compressor vendor is assigned coordina-tive responsibility, for a fee, of course.

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