Degassing Drum

If the oil from the drainers is not contaminated, it can be returned to the reservoir for immediate reuse. If this be the case, a degassing drum is recommended to remove the entrained gases prior to returning to the reservoir. For flammable gases, this practice helps eliminate the explosion hazard in the reservoir. If a suitable low pressure recovery system is available, the gases removed can also be recovered. The alternative is to go to the flare with hydrocarbons. Figure 8-14 is a diagram of a typical



Balancing Drum Centrifugal Compressor
Figure 8-14. Typical degassing drum arrangement [1].

degassing drum. Materials of construction should be consistent with the balance of the lube system. Sizing of the drum should be three times the guaranteed total inner seal leakage from all seals over a 24-hour period. If required to operate the drum at a positive pressure to match a gas recovery system, the suggested design may eliminate the breather and operate as a pressure vessel. The vessel will, of course, need to follow the appropriate pressure vessel design practices.


Interconnecting piping should be stainless, consistent with the balance of the system. In critical equipment applications, this is definitely recommended. The user must decide for the smaller system to what extent stainless is feasible. For all systems, the piping should follow the recommendations and mandates in API 614. Fundamentally, this means mini mize fittings, bend when possible, and fabricate by welding. It really makes no difference how small a lube system is; screwed pipe lube systems leak. On the small systems where welding or seal welding of the screwed fittings is not feasible, fabrication using the thickest walled tubing that the vendor will furnish will make a better system. With a little persuasion, the vendor may consider stainless tubing.

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