It is impossible to specify a completely foolproof coupling, particularly by manufacturer and model number. Still, in the interest of reliability, the specification should cover the subject of couplings. This requires the use of plant feedback and a lot of research on the part of the specification writer to determine the latest developments in coupling design. Unfortunately, when a vendor furnishes a coupling, it often becomes just another outside purchased item that he may purchase with a minimum specification and strictly on low price.

API again offers some help. API 671 covers the special purpose coupling as either a specification or guideline. It has been common practice for the compressor vendor to furnish the couplings. Most compressor vendors have no problem accepting this responsibility, while driver vendors sometimes prefer not to furnish them. In some compressor types, the coupling style will be somewhat influenced by the user. When torsionals become a major consideration, the vendor may have to make the choice based on system need. In all cases, the user should establish his right of approval if the vendor performs the selection.

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