Coordination Meeting

Approximately six weeks after placing the order, a coordination meeting should be held with the vendor. While such a meeting is probably not beneficial for a standard compressor or standard package unit, it can make a significant difference in time saving and understanding between the user and vendor on custom engineered equipment. If the compressor system is of the custom design or if significant changes are required of a standard design, then this meeting will be beneficial in those instances. Compressors that come into this category are process compressors of the centrifugal, axial, and larger screw types. Large reciprocating compressors, particularly of the API 618 type, qualify. Small rotaries or small standardized packaged air or refrigeration compressors do not.

An important factor, endorsed by many users, is the meeting location. This meeting should be held at the vendor's plant. It is important for the vendor's personnel to have some exposure to the user. This meeting is intended for the actual vendor working people to find out, first hand, exactly what the user wants. Detail specifications get direct answers. Most of the people at the plant involved in following the various parts of the compressor through the manufacturing process would normally not travel to the user location. At this point, the user has fewer people involved. Also, the user, who is not familiar with the vendor's facilities, gets a chance to become more acquainted. Items to be reviewed must be set up in an agenda and should be available to the user a week or more ahead of the meeting. A partial list of the items is as follows:

• Purchase order, scope of supply, and subvendor items

• Schedules for transmittal of drawings, production, and testing

• Inspection, expediting and testing

• The physical orientation of the equipment

• A review of applicable specifications and previously agreed-upon exceptions to the specifications

Additional items may be covered as warranted. Additional meetings may be planned, with the location based on meeting type, for purposes of reviews. For example, with compressors where subcontracted lube systems are used, a meeting at the subvendor's location to review a CAD model and the overall layout would be appropriate. With reciprocating compressors, a meeting at the location where the analog study is being performed should be scheduled. A review of the rotor dynamics study on a centrifugal or axial compressor, at the point where the analysis was made should be considered. Foundation and piping model layout review would take place at the engineering location. These are just a few examples, but all meetings should be attended by those people actually involved, with a project representative from both parties to monitor the discussion and keep everything within the contract scope.

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