Capacity Control

Earlier in the chapter, the movement of the stator blades to change the capacity of the axial compressor was discussed. In conjunction with extended shanks and linkage, as mentioned, the axial offers a very good dynamically controlled capacity range. Depending on the range desired, linkage may be installed on the guide vanes only or on the guide vanes and stator vanes starting from the front of the compressor. Control has been used on up to 100% of all the stator vanes; however, the range gained after 50% stator control is generally marginal and not worth the extra expense. The linkage in Figure 6-11 is typical. The linkage is normally connected to one or more power cylinder operators for manual operation from a remote location, or for use as the final control element in an automatic system. Use in an automatic control system is good, particularly if there is a little noise on the control signal. This acts to keep the vanes live and the linkage and bearings from fouling and sticking. The sticking of the linkage is probably the largest single problem with the vane control. For manual systems, a regularly scheduled linkage exercise can help keep the movement free. Use of dry clean gas purges are also helpful. The range of the axial is enhanced considerably by the use of movable vanes.

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