Axial Compressors

Axial compressors offer a high volume capability in a relatively compact case. As can be said for any of the dynamic compressors, when properly applied, it can be a very reliable compressor. The compressor does not have any wearing parts, if one keeps tongue in cheek. The caveat is the blading. If parts count is used on the blading, the count is high and is a detractor from reliability. This is probably not a lair comparison, yet it is a factor to be reckoned with. The blading is prone to fouling and becomes a wearing part if particulate is allowed to enter the machine unchecked. For air service, a high level of filtration is very much in order and certainly does a great deal toward improving reliability. The blading is subject to resonance problems and exciting sources must be controlled, or conversely, exciting sources recognized and the blading tuned appropriately.

The large flow and small case do make the compressor somewhat more sensitive to piping forces and moments.

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