The straight-lobe blowers are used both in pressure and vacuum service. Larger units are directly connected to their drivers and the smaller units are belt-driven. The drivers are normally electric motors. Some of the larger models offer an internal gear arrangement to permit the direct connection of a two- or four-pole electric motor. These blowers would normally operate at less than the nominal four-pole speed on a 60 Hz system of 1800 rpin. The main limitation to this rotary compressor is the differential pressure with the longer rotors where deflection is large. For a two-lobe machine, caution should be used when the rotor is more than 1.5 times the rotor diameter at pressures in excess of 8 psi differential. The three-lobe compressors inherently have a stiffer rotor and can sustain a higher differential with less difficulty. The practical upper limit should be 10 psi differential for units above 3000 cfm and 12 psi differential for the smaller units.

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