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The generalized compressibility charts may be used with values obtained in the use of Equations 2.7 and 2.8 to determine the compressibility of a wide range of gases. The charts were derived from experimental data and are a good source of information for use in compressor calculations [1].

Partial Pressure

Avogadro's Law states that equal volumes of gas at identical pressure and temperature contain equal numbers of molecules. Avogadro's Law can be used in a similar manner to develop gas mixture relationships. A mixture of gases occupying a given volume will have the same number of molecules as a single gas. The weight will be a sum of the proportionate parts of the gases in the mixture. If the gas proportion is presented as a mole percent, this value is the same as a volume percent.

When one pure liquid exists in the presence of another pure liquid, where the liquids neither react nor are soluble in each other, the vapor pressure of one liquid will not affect the vapor pressure of the other liquid. The sum of the partial pressures Pn is equal to the total pressure P. This relationship is formalized in Dalton's Law, which is expressed as

If the total pressure of a mixture is known, the partial pressure of each component can be calculated from the mole fraction. The total number of moles in the mixture Mm is the sum of the individual component moles.

Gas Mixtures

The mole fraction xn is xj —-----; Xi --x3 — -—■—

The partial pressure can be calculated by use of the following:

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