Region Iii Lower Kura Lowland

Region III includes Pirsagat-Khamamdag, Kalamadyn-Byandovan, and Kyurovdag-Neftechala anticlines, extending southeast into the Caspian Sea (see Figure 5-1). These anticlinal uplifts are complicated by faults and mud volcanoes. Mainly, the Productive Series and some deposits of Akchagylian and Apsheronian stages are oil bearing.

Oil and gas reservoirs are multi-bedded and most are confined to the Upper Productive Series. Kyurdamir, Karabagly, Neftechala, Pirsagat, Kyursangya, Kalmas, and other oil fields are being produced now. Many uplifts are expressed as topographic highs caused by mud volcanoes.

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