AHFP abnormally high formation pressure bbl barrels

Bbbl billion barrels of oil

Bcfg billion cubic feet of gas bpd barrels per day bopd barrels of oil per day cfd cubic feet per day cmd cubic meters per day

FSU Former Soviet Union

GKZ State Committee on Reserves (in FSU)

GOC gas-oil contact

GOR gas/oil ratio

GWC gas-water contact

HC hydrocarbons

Mbpd thousand barrels per day

Mcfd thousand cubic feet per day

Mcmd thousand cubic meters per day

MD measured depth

MMcfd million cubic feet per day

MMcmd million cubic meters per day

MMt million tons

MSE mean square error

Mtd thousand tons per day

OWC oil-water contact

PTD proposed total depth

SEM scanning electron microscope

Tcf trillion cubic feet

Tcfg trillion cubic feet of gas tpd tons per day

TD total depth

TOC total organic carbon

TVD true vertical depth

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