Recommended measuring unit

A Area in general

A Rise of floor

ABT Area of transverse cross-section of a bulbous bow

Ae Expanded blade area of a propeller

Al Lateral-plane area

AM Midship section area

AP Aft perpendicular m m b Height of camber

B Width in general

BM Height of transverse metacentre (M)

above centre of buoyancy (B) BN Beaufort number m m m

C Coefficient in general

CA Correlation allowance

Cbd Block coefficient based on depth

CBA Block coefficient of aftbody

CBF Block coefficient of forebody

CDH Volumetric deckhouse weight

CF Frictional resistance coefficient

CM Midship section area coefficient: AM/(B • T)

CM Factor taking account of the initial costs of the parts' of the propulsion unit

CPA Prismatic coefficient of the aftbody

CPF Prismatic coefficient of the forebody

Cs Reduced thrust loading coefficient

CTh Thrust loading coefficient

CEM Concept Exploration Model

CRF Capital recovery factor

CV Volume-length coefficient

CWP Waterplane area coefficient: Awl/(L • B)

CWL Constructed waterline remaining


m d Cover breadth m

D Moulded depth of ship hull m

D, Dp Diameter of propeller m

Da Nozzle outside diameter m

Da Depth corrected for superstructures m

D] Nozzle inside diameter m e Dynamic lever as defined by Rahola m

E Dynamic stability Nm, J

F Freeboard m

F Annual operating time h/yr

Fo Upper deck of a deckhouse m2

Fu Actually built over area of a deckhouse m2

FP Forward perpendicular

Gdh Deckhouse mass kg

GL Germanischer Lloyd

GM, GMq Height of metacentre (M) above centre of gravity (G) m h Water depth m h Lever arm m hdb Height of double bottom m i Rate of interest 1/yr iE Half-angle of entrance of waterline °

iR Half-angle of run of waterline °

lT Transverse moment of inertia of waterplane m4

J Advance coefficient k Annual payment MU/yr k Form factor addition MU/yr

K Individual payment MU/yr kf Costs of one unit of fuel MU/t ki Costs of one unit of lubricating oil MU/t kM Costs of one unit of engine power MU/kW

kst Costs of one unit of installed steel MU/t

K Correction factor in general

KG Invested capital MU

Km Costs of main engine MU

Kpv Present value MU

KB Height of centre of buoyancy (S) above keel (K) m

KM Height of transverse metacentre (M) above keel (K) m

KGur Height of centre of gravity of the steel hull above keel m l Cover length m i Investment life yr

L Length in general m

L' Wave forming length m

Lg Length of bulb m

Ld Length of nozzle m

Le Length of entrance m

Los Length over surface m

Lpp Length between perpendiculars m

LR Length of run m

Lwi Length of waterline m lcb Distance of centre of buoyancy from midship section m

MKr Heeling moment Nm

n Number of decks n Rate of revolution min—1

NPV Net present value MU

P Parallel middle body m

PB Brake power kW

PD Delivered power kW

PE Effective power kW

PWF Present worth factor

R Radius in general m

RAA Wind resistance N

Rn Reynolds number

Rf Frictional resistance N

RPV Viscous pressure resistance N

RR Residual resistance N

RT Total resistance N

s Height of a parabola mm sf Specific fuel consumption g/(kW • h)

si Specific lubricant consumption g/kWh sv Forward sheer height m sh Aft sheer height m

S Wetted surface m2

t Trim m t Material strength mm tD Nozzle thrust deduction fraction

T Draught in general m

T Propeller thrust N

Td Nozzle thrust N

V Speed of ship kn VA Advance speed of a propeller m/s

V Volume in general m3

V Displacement volume of a ship m3 VA Superstructure volume m3


Volume of beam camber



Hull volume to depth, D



Hatchway volume



Volume of sheer



Volume of double bottom



deckshouse volume



Hold volume



Volume below topmost continuous deck


wd Nozzle wake fraction

W Section modulus

Wdw Deadweight

WAgg Weight of diesel unit

WGetr Weight of gearbox

Wi Cover weight

WM Weight of propulsion unit

Wo Weight of equipment and outfit

Wpr0p Weight of propeller

WR Weight margin

WSt Weight of steel hull

WstAD Weight of steel for superstructures and deckhouses

WstR Weight of steel hull w/o superstructures

WstF Weight of engine foundation

WZ Weight of cylinder boiler

WED Wake equalizing duct

WL Waterline y,Y Offset in body plan of half width plan

Z Number of propeller blades a Nozzle dihedral angle °

rD Quasi propulsive efficiency: RT ■ V/PD

ro Propeller efficiency in open water rR Relative rotative efficiency

X Wavelength m p Mass density: m/V t/m3

r Load ratio

A Displacement mass t

A Difference (mathematical operator)

0 Angle of inclination, heel angle °

0 0

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