Centre of gravity of deadweight

To make the trim more independent of the cargo, the centre of the deadweight can be shifted aft by:

1. The centre of relatively heavy cargo should be moved as far aft as possible:

(a) Foreship without sheer, forecastle only short without hold.

(b) Collision bulkhead as far aft as possible.

(c) High double bottom in forward hold.

(d) Choice of propulsion system with small base area to allow forward engine room bulkhead to be located as far aft as possible.

2. Storage tanks larger than the necessary storage capacity to facilitate longitudinal transfer of fuel and fresh water for trim compensation.

3. With heavier bulk cargo not occupying all of the hold, the cargo can be stowed to locate its centre of gravity where required. This applies to such commodities as ore and crude oil.

However, heavy and light bale cargo cannot be distributed arbitrarily, neither in a longitudinal nor in a vertical direction. Normally, a ship carrying bale cargo must float on an approximately even keel with homogeneous and full loads.

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