312 Nomenclature

Dtp V MB

geometric parameters for non-circular ducts (-) half gap between two parallel plates (m)

Bingham number (-) pipe diameter (m)

Dimensions in M, L, T

M0L0 T0 L

M0L0 T0 L

Dh hydraulic equivalent diameter (m) L

Dimensions in M, L, T

f friction factor (-) M0L0T0

g acceleration due to gravity (m/s2) LT—2

H film thickness in flow over inclined surface (m) L

He = Hedstrom number (-) M0L0T0 Vb hl frictional loss in head (m) L

I Prandtl mixing length (m) L

m power law consistency coefficient (Pa • sn) ML~'T"~2

m' apparent power law consistency coefficient (Pa • sn') ML—2

n power-law flow behaviour index (-) M0L0T0

n' apparent power-law flow behaviour index (-) M0L0T0

Q volumetric flow rate (m3/s) L3T—1

r radial coordinate (m) L

R pipe radius/annulus outer radius (m) L

Rp radius of plug in centre of pipe (m) L

ReB Reynolds number based on Bingham plastic viscosity (-) M0L0T0

ReMR Metzner-Reed definition of Reynolds number (-) M0L0T0

Reg generalised Reynolds number for non-circular conduits, eq. 3.90 (-). M0L0T0

ReT modified Reynolds number, equation 3.39 (-) M0L0T0

Vz point velocity of flow in z-direction (m/s) LT— 1

V* non-dimensional point velocity (-) M0L0T0

VC non-dimensional velocity, equation 3.47. (-) M0L0T0

y distance from wall (m) L

yC non-dimensional distance from wall, equation 3.47 (-). M0L0T0

z axial coordinate in the flow direction (m). L

0 0

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