Column (6) of Table 4.4 is now completed for the force in each member.

So far, our analysis has been limited to singly redundant frameworks, although the same procedure may be adopted to solve a multi-redundant framework of, say. m redundancies. Thus, instead of a single equation of the type (4.21) we would have m simultaneous equations k

dRj from which the m unknowns R\,R2, ■ ■ ■, Rm would be obtained. The forces F in the members follow, being expressed initially in terms of the applied loads and R],R2, ■ ■ -Rm-

Other types of statically indeterminate structure are solved by the application of total complementary energy with equal facility. The propped cantilever of Fig. 4.15

Table 4.4 (Tension positive)








L (mm)




Force (JV)

0 0

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