1036 Method of successive approximations torsion

It is clear from the torsion and shear loading of multicell wing sections that the greater the number of cells the greater the number of simultaneous equations requiring solution. Some modern aircraft have wings comprising a relatively large number of cells, for example, the Harrier wing shown in Fig. 7.8, so that the arithmetical labour involved becomes extremely tedious unless a computer is used; an approximate but much more rapid method may therefore be preferable. The method of successive approximations provides a simple and rapid method for calculating the shear flow in many-celled wing sections and may be used with slight differences of treatment for both the pure torsion and shear loading cases. Initially we shall consider a wing section subjected to a pure torque.

The mechanics of the method may be illustrated by considering the simple two-cell wing section shown in Fig. 10.29 and which carries a pure torque T. First we assume

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